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FAQ Section (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. When will my order be shipped?
A. All orders are shipped the same week, unless you order after wednesday, in which case your order will be shipped out the following week.

Q. I ordered snails and they haven't been moving since I dumped them in my pond, are they dead?
A. No they aren't, snails are very shy when entering a new environment. Also when a snail dies it's shell will float on the top of the water.

Q. My plants died on arrival?
A. This happens rarely, but if your plants die on arrival then you have 7 days to notify us and we will replace them. Email your order number, full name and plants that died to larson10@sbcglobal.net

Q. My plants died in my pond, will you replace them?
A. In rare cases we do replace them for valid reasons, although they are not under guarantee.

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