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Shipping Information

    We charge a flat rate shipping charge of $15.

Zone Information

From March through June all plant orders are sent according to the climate zone that you are located in. We will ship your order as soon as possible if you request it, although there is no guarantee the plants will survive due to weather.

Zones 9 and 10 are sent right away
Zone 8 ships around mid March to the first of April
Zone 7 ships the first and second week of April
Zone 6 ships around mid April up till May
Zone 5 ships around the first and second week of May
Zones 3 and 4 ship around mid May to June

Check to see what zone your in, and see if this applies to you.

Please note: if you would like your order to ship right away then leave a comment saying "ship asap" under customer comments during the checkout process. Thanks!

Transit Time from Ship Date