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     Arrowhead variety pond plants are known for adding shape to a water garden's plant décor. They create flavor and style to any pre-existing grass-like plant such as Cattails, Iris, Reeds, and Rushes. For more information regarding specific details, please read below.

     These arrowhead variety pond plants require full soil to grow, top soil mixed with a clay-based soil is preferred. The clay-based soil is added to increase the soil's overall density. The pond plants we sell have anchor roots which require a more dense soil in order to latch on. These pond plants are found in marsh/swamp areas which means they don't require full sunlight, and that they shouldn't be flooded with water. Planting them too deep will drown any offspring and potentially restrict sunlight in certain areas of the pond plant. The crown should be no more than 2-3 inches below the water surface. If you have are using a container then be sure to account for the height of the container (Example: Arrowhead planted in a one gallon pot, 6 inches high, should be placed no more than 9 inches below the water surface). Bricks and/or upside down pots can be used to prop up the pond plants.

1 Gal (8" x 6")

    We recommend using the one gallon planting container for all hardy shelf plants. Use top soil, gravel should be placed on top to anchor the soil. We also suggest that standard fertilizer be used, two to three per container.

- Price: $1.95 each

Arrow Arum

    This plant has dark green, waxy foliage. Gets 2' - 3' tall with arrow shaped leaves. Tolerates some shade. It is a native North American plant and winters over very easily.

Retail: $12.00

Sale Price: $10.00


    Has arrowhead shaped leaves and produces a white flower that blooms all summer long. It grows 2' to 3' and is suited for any water garden.

Retail: $12.00

Sale Price: $10.00

Double-Flowering Arrowhead

    The beautiful double flowers bloom all summer long. The foliage has narrow arrowhead shaped leaves. It grows 2' to 4' tall and is very winter hardy.

Retail: $12.00

Sale Price: $10.00

Silk Stockings

    A new introduction with striking, variegated maroon leaves. Has clusters of white flowers. Grows to about 2’ high.

Retail: $15.00

Sale Price: $12.00

Out of Stock

Crushed Ice

    Enjoy foliage with creamy yellow and green mottling. Very striking. Has spikes of white flower clusters with yellow centers. Grows 24" high.

Retail: $12.00

Sale Price: $10.00