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Submerged Pond Plants

             Submerged pond plants also known as, oxygenators, are highly recommend for the beneficial qualities they provide to your water garden's ecological system. All of these varieties continuously supplement the water with oxygen which is essential for over-stocked fish ponds.
             The submerged plants, similar to floating plants, continuously absorb nitrates and phosphates in the water which are the leading nutrients that promote algae growth. Saves money on algae preventatives that you may have to add weekly all summer. They also provide great spawning media for your fish, frogs, and snails. We recommend starting out with 20 submerged pond plants for a 10ft x 10ft surface area.

1 Lead Weight

    Great for sinking submerged plants to the bottom of the pond. This method saves planting them in pots that can be tipped over or spilled in the pond. These lead weights will not contaminate you pond. We recommend using one lead weight per submerged pond plant. This is optional.

- Price: $0.15 each


    A wonderful underwater plant that protects fish from predators, serves as a home for baby fish, removes waste, and prevents algae growth. It also saves money on algae preventatives that you may have to add weekly all summer.

Price: $3.00


    Has fan shaped, bright green leaves with a tint of red. This pond plant is also a very good grower. Cabomba is restricted in CA, ME, NH, VT, and WA.

Price: $3.00


    This pond plant is a very good oxygenator. Baby fish love to hide in this pond plant.

Price: $3.00

Red Ludwigia

    The redish green leaves of this plant will stick out of the water. It is also a very good grower.

Price: $3.00


    This pond plant has ribbon-like leaves. Plant several bunches together in a pot with soil. This pond plant is also very sensitive to over exposed sunlight.

Price: $3.00