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Hardy Water Lilies

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     Water lilies make a water hole look like a natural pond. In the early 18th century explorers would spend months searching for a new water lily, naming it, and then cultivating it. After a couple centuries later, club hobbyist would collect rare species of water lilies for their own collection. Today we have many of these, once rare lilies, at our disposal. This variety of pond plant averages 22" inches from crown to pad. The quantity of blooms and pads varies per plant, but on average there is 2-3 blooms with 5-7 pads per tuber (rhizome).

     We send planting instructions alongside your water lilies. Top soil mixed with a clay-based soil is preferred for optimal growth. The lilies we sell are small adults, roughly 25% are already blooming, this usualy depends at what point in the season you order them. Most online pond site's only ship tubers (rhizomes), we are continually trying to go above and beyond the normal expectation, in order to keep your business.

2 Gal (10" x 6")

    The two gallon planting container is recommended for all water lilies. Use top soil, gravel should be placed on top to anchor the soil. We also suggest that standard fertilizer be used, two to three per container.

- Price: $2.95 each

Texas Dawn


    Planted in a large container it will produce several blooms at a time by late summer. It is one of the first to bloom and has a lemony fragrance.

Retail: $25.00

Sale Price: $19.95

Pink Grapefruit


    Enjoy large peachy-pink blossoms that stand high above the waters surface. The leaves have a slight speckling in them. Good for any size pond.

Retail: $30.00

Sale Price: $25.00



    A very free flowering lily with yellow cup-shaped blossoms. It has a nice fragrance and needs only three to four hours of sunlight to produce blooms.

Retail: $25.00

Sale Price: $19.95

Steven Strawn


    Showy dark red flowers bloom late into the day. This lily flowers bountifully and has delightfully speckled leaves. Grows well in shady areas.

Retail: $25.00

Sale Price: $19.95

Out of stock

Georgia Peach


    The rich peach colored flowers are held 6" - 8" out of the water. It is extremely free flowering and the leaves are nicely mottled.

Retail: $25.00

Sale Price: $19.95